Silver Grillz Platinum Plated Teeth Mouth Grills Bling Hip Hop Gangsta Gangster

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Polished Silver Platinum Plated Grillz Available in Classic Style.Comes With Moulding Bar, Carry Case & Full Instructions

Available For Top Teeth, Bottom Teeth Or As A Set

One Size Fits All (Within Reason)

Easy Fitting

FDA Approved Metal

Instruction on How to use:

Adjust the shape of grillz

Adjust the back hooks of grillz

Place the fixing bar in the middle of the grillz

Submerge both grillz and the fixing bar in the hot water 170 degrees for about 15 seconds or until the bar becomes clear

Place the grillz onto your teeth and adjust as necessary for the fit and look you desire. The fixing bar will take aprx 20 seconds to harden.