New Platinum Plated Single Grillz Tooth Clip Mouth Teeth Cap Grills Bling

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Product description


High-quality polished Platinum plating

One size

Quick and simple instructions

Get the look of real bling removable teeth

This fashionable tooth cap transforms your teeth into removable bling in an instant!


Single Tooth Cap

Adjustable silicone molding bar

Easy directions

These tooth caps are designed to fit any shape and size mouth, even if your teeth aren’t perfect. They slip on and off in a snap. Please do not use boiling hot water, as this may damage the product.


Fit the caps to your teeth.

Place the silicone bar behind the caps using the prongs and place that apparatus (bar cap) in hot water.

The silicone bar will begin to soften and become translucent, at which point you can remove the apparatus from the water and affix it to your teeth for a custom fit.

The silicone bar will harden in less than 30 seconds, giving you perfectly snug removable bling teeth.