Mens Chunky Chain Belcher Necklace 61cm in 11mm Gold

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Quality: AAA+++++++

Condition: 100 % brand new

Gold Filled

Care Instructions:

Do not bleach.

Avoid to contact with perfumes and other alcoholic materials

Remove jewellery before sleeping .

keep away from fire.

we can ensure you that you will be able to enjoy your new purchase for years to come.

What is gold-filled/ rolled gold jewellery

Gold-filled jewellery, also known as “rolled gold”and Gold filled items are created by using heat and pressure to permanently fuse a layer of gold over a less costly base metal such brass .The layer of gold should be equal to 1/20th of the total weight of the finished item. The surface layer of karat gold is usually 9kt, 14kt 18kt & 24kt. Gold filled jewellery has not strict percentage of the total weight of the item, its gold layer thickness varies from 5 10 microns.

Thickness of gold-filled/ rolled gold jewellery:

Gold filled designs have the advantage of providing excellent long term wear durability of solid alloy gold products without the weight and higher costs. In most cases, a gold filled item can be repaired if damaged or badly scratched. Unlike gold plated products, the thicker layer used on gold filled items can also be carefully re polished several times without exposing the underlying base metal.Please do not mistake it, as plated or solid Gold.

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