925 Solid Sterling Silver Feather Hoop Earring For Men Brand New Style

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925 Feather Hoop Earring In Solid Silver


Sterling silver

Comes as a one Peace

Hoop feather design

Pendant detail

Through fastening

100% Sterling Silver


Our brand channels its passion for fashion and art into its brand, C&S, and its original, urban designs. Expect signet rings, symbol pendants and gold-plated earrings cut for men but with unisex appeal.

Hoops are also a popular option for most men. As the name suggest, hoops follow a circular or semi-circular shape. Hoops are typically hollow. It also features a thin wire that serves as a lock on the ear. This earrings would require you to insert the thin wire to the hollow body of the hoop to ensure it will be locked on the ears.